Targeted wellness to go

Mānuka Lozenges UMF™ 15+/ MGO 514+


Taste: Deliciously soothing with a sweet yet subtly tangy taste. Made from 100% pure UMF™ 15+ (MGO 514+) Mānuka honey, and nothing else..

Usage: Keep Tahi Mānuka honey lozenges in your pantry, bag or gym bag and take as required for targeted wellness, or a scrumptious energy boost. Not suitable for children under five years of age.

Sustainably produced in New Zealand, they’re just the thing to soothe coughs, colds and sore throats, or for a natural energy boost. What’s more, these biodiversity-positive lozenges also soothe the conscience, with 100% of profits from every pack going directly to community, culture and conservation projects. Tahi Mānuka Honey Lozenges come in a handy 8-pack - just the right size to keep handy in your handbag, briefcase or gym bag for a soothing and super scrumptious pick-me-up.

Ingredients: 100% Mānuka honey

  • Deliciously soothing for daily and targeted wellness on the go
  • Superfood, rich in unique nutrients
  • A natural, balanced wellness boost

Our packs feature different native birds. They are the tangible result of Tahi’s successful conservation work. Before our restoration project began, there were just 20 bird species at Tahi: there are now 71, including 25 rare and endangered species. By buying our Mānuka Honey, you are directly and actively contributing to our award-winning biodiversity regeneration.

Kōtare, the plant protector

Kōtare (Kingfishers) feed on insects and small animals that can damage plants, forests and young birds.

Servings per container, 8
Serving size, 1 lozenge (2.8g)
Calories, 11 cal
Fat, 0g
Sodium, 0g
Carbohydrate, 2.8g
Sugars, 2.7g
Protein, 0g

Award-Winning Honey

Best 100 awards 2023 for our Tahi Manuka honey

Winner 2023

Best 100 Taste Awards UK
Tahi Manuka honey won the gold medal at the london honey awards 2023 for its exceptional taste and texture

Gold Winner 2023 & 2020

London International Honey Awards

Restoring Nature Winner 2021 & 2020

NZ Sustainable Business Network Awards
Best luxury honey winner 2020

#1 Luxury Honey Brand in the World 2020

Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Transforming NZ Award 2020

NZ Sustainable Business Network Awards

Authentic, traceable, tested

To ensure you can trust that every jar of our honey is authentic, Tahi belongs to the UMF™ Honey Association.

The UMF™ trademark is your guarantee of genuine New Zealand Mānuka Honey. Every batch is independently tested in a specialist, third-party laboratory. What’s more, every jar of our honey is fully traceable to source, from our hives to your hands.

UMFHA License 2035.

All about UMF™ and MGO gradings

The UMF™ (Unique Mānuka Factor) Trademark is the most comprehensive, independently certified and internationally recognized quality assurance system for New Zealand Mānuka Honey. It’s designed to validate Mānuka Honey’s potency, authenticity, purity, shelf life and freshness. MGO (methylglyoxal) is the key component responsible for Mānuka honey’s unique antibacterial properties, and higher MGO levels indicate a greater concentration of this beneficial compound.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Taste and relief for dry / sore throat!

These Lozanges taste great and provide great and healthy relief for dry / sore throats!


These lozenges are an absolute must for a sore throat! Nothing was helping to calm my cough and soothe my sore throat until I tried these. The honey coats your throat and calms the cough while reducing any sore or scratchy feeling. They taste great and they last a long time! I highly recommend! The packaging is also really cute and I find them to be a great gift over the winter when people tend to get lots of colds!


I recently tried these manuka honey lozenges and they have quickly become my go-to remedy for sore throats. What sets these lozenges apart from others on the market is that they contain 100% manuka honey, whereas all other lozenges on the market contain mainly glucose/syrup.The first time I used them, I was suffering from a sore throat and within minutes of taking the lozenge, I could feel the soreness start to subside. The honey helped to coat and soothe my throat, providing instant relief. I continued to use the lozenges throughout the day and by the next morning, my sore throat was completely gone.I highly recommend these manuka honey lozenges to anyone looking for a natural and effective way to alleviate sore throats. The fact that they are made with 100% manuka honey and all natural is a huge plus, as it gives the added benefit of antibacterial properties, making them even more effective than other lozenges on the market. Overall, I am very satisfied with the effectiveness of these lozenges and will continue to keep them on hand for any future sore throat issues.

Chris R. Johnson
Finally, a 100% Manuka Honey Lozenge

I have tried multiple Manuka honey lozenges and this is the only one available that is 100% Manuka honey. All the other lozenges have fillers and often do not have much Manuka honey.


The last few months I've been getting the worst sore throats at night. I tried some lozenges from cvs but they would only temporary relieve the pain. They also had a bunch of chemicals so I knew it was bad to keep taking them. I was really out of options and a friend told me about Manuka honey. I decided to try this one because it was the only one I found that didn't have other crap in it and OMG it's amazing. It soothed my pain immediately and I no longer get sore throats as often. It's truly one of natures miracle. It tastes a bit funny but honestly I don't care. Recommend everyone has some in there medicine cabinet.