Champions of change

Driven by the Māori principle of kaitiakitanga (guardianship), Tahi has pioneered commercially-minded conservation for the past 20 years. Today, we actively share our experiences and learnings with our local community, advocating with leaders in government, commerce, carbon and conservation to make biodiversity a priority on the global climate agenda.

Our work has been recognized with several prestigious awards which acknowledge our commitment to the environment and our innovation in moving sustainability forwards. In 2020, we won the New Zealand’s top accolade in the Sustainable Business Network’s Supreme Award (transforming NZ Award) alongside the Restoring Nature Award, and again in 2021 for our development of a Biodiversity Value Index.

2021 Restoring Nature Award Winner


“After winning this category last year, Tahi have returned but with a different application focussed on their Biodiversity Value Index (BVI) product. The BVI is a really exciting contribution to solving the biodiversity/climate change crises, and recognises the intrinsic link between these two major issues. When this or a similar measure is integrated into New Zealand carbon accounting, it will fundamentally transform the economics of ecological restoration in New Zealand by allowing restoration projects to tangibly realize their true values. Tahi are leading by example.”

A measurable difference

A natural philosophy

Tahi Honey is ethically harvested from a range of wild habitats from some of New Zealand’s most remote locations. This means our honey is as natural as nature meant it to be – with no added sugar, water, corn syrup, antibiotics or chemicals.

Our commitment to ethical beekeeping practices ensures the well-being of our bee colonies and their important role in pollination. We don’t use pollen traps, nor do we collect bee venom as it can harm or even kill bees. Importantly, we leave a box of honey per hive so that our bees are sustained over winter by eating their own rich, natural honey and pollen – just as nature intended.

Ethical beekeepers since 1888

The Craig family’s love of beekeeping (and the environment) goes back many generations. Two of Suzan’s great uncles began ‘Pearson Bros’, one of New Zealand’s first honey-producing companies circa 1888, with hives from Hamilton to Rotorua.

The art of beekeeping has been passed through generations as a hobby, until Suzan purchased the land at Tahi – and began a new chapter in her family’s long and successful beekeeping history.

Tahi Honey is ethically harvested from a range of wild habitats from some of New Zealand’s most remote locations - as natural as nature meant it to be.