Community & culture

At the heart of our sustainability philosophy lies Tahi’s 4Cs, based on the guiding principles of the Long Run and its Global Ecosphere Retreats® certification. As a founding member, Tahi aspires to the highest standards of sustainability through biodiversity-positive Conservation, Cultural stewardship and Community development, sustained by a Circular eco-economy, fundamental to a healthy and resilient ecosystem.

Our people and our land are key to thriving ecosystems and a collaborative approach built on mutual respect, understanding and shared goals nurtures positive relationships to preserving the land’s heritage and ecological integrity.

Tahi’s 4Cs are supported by a range of actions, projects and programs from cultural heritage sites and customs protection, educational community open days and events, restorative planting days for the community and schools, Bee Friends program for schools and access to nature walks and talks. All to connect and learn about our flora and fauna, our land and caring for this place, whilst providing valuable employment in a remote, special part of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Bee Friends Program

Our popular Bee Friends Program sees us partner with local schools to educate students and raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping. Our goal is to share our knowledge, provide access to fun and educational materials, and awaken young minds to the beautiful natural world we live in.

Each school gets the opportunity to make their own honey and sell it to raise funds for their school or charity projects.

“Ma tini, ma mano, ka rapa te whai.”By many, by thousands the work will be accomplished.

Our team

For our team working here is more than a job: it’s a calling. Everyone here is committed to conservation and to working together to make a tangible difference – to our land, community, and our planet.

Our founder

For nearly two decades, our founder Suzan Craig, has guided Tahi’s transformation into a thriving, biodiverse reserve, using innovative techniques for measurable impact leveraging science-based, tech-enabled, and field-tested approaches to strategic ecosystem restoration. Her deep respect for nature was inspired by her father, Professor John Craig (ONZM), who is widely recognized as one of New Zealand’s conservation experts.